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The Pipeline Podcast Turns 1 year old!

By May 19, 2021November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

The first episode of our Podcast The Pipeline: All Things CD & DevOps went live on April 27, 2020. After a little over a year, we’ve reached over 13,856 total downloads!

Jacqueline Salinas, our Director of Ecosystem & Community, hosts this weekly podcast and holds 30–60 minutes discussions with guest speakers from various backgrounds about CD & DevOps emerging practices, trends, and important topics. 

Learn from hackers, leaders & innovators of open source software in these technical episodes. 

If you’re looking for Continuous Delivery & DevOps content that is digestible, technical, and industry-focused, subscribe to The Pipeline!

Top 10 Episodes

  1. Configuration Management – Needed Now More Than Ever! – Tracy Ragan, DeployHub
  2. Testing in CI/CD Pipelines – Bertold Kolics, Mable
  3. 2021 Technology Trends and Predictions – Michael Winser, Google
  4. Continuous Delivery, Defined – Dan Lorenc, Christie Wilson & Jason Hall, Google
  5. What is GitOps? – Viktor Farcic, Codefresh
  6. State of DevOps Report – Alanna Brown, Puppet & Michael Stahnke, CircleCI
  7. What is CI, CD and CDP? – Viktor Farcic, Codefresh
  8. Can you do CD without CI? – Jonathan Hall, Indie DevOps Coach
  9. Case Study: Enabling 12,000 Developers with a Pipeline as Code Platform – Aoife Fitzmaurice and Jimmy McNamara, Fidelity Investments
  10. Event-Driven DevOps with Keptn: The End of the Monolithic Delivery Pipeline! – Andy Grabner, Dynatrace

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