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Take the State of DevOps Survey 2021

By March 31, 2021November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

This year marks the tenth year that Puppet (CDF Member) is running the State of DevOps Survey and we’re happy to be a part of it! 🎉

State of DevOps Survey Banner

What is the State of DevOps Survey?

The survey aims to find out how cultural practices within organizations affect DevOps. And by completing the survey you contribute to the largest body of DevOps research in our industry. 

Bonus: For every response, Puppet is donating to charitable organizations serving populations impacted by COVID-19!

2020 Results

Read Tracy Miranda’s take on the 2020 results and listen to The Pipeline podcast episode with Alanna Brown, Puppet and Michael Stahnke, CircleCI. Where they talk about the State of DevOps Report 2020. First, we dive into how our guests started their journey into DevOps and then key findings of the 2020 report. Tune in to learn more about the State of DevOps Report 2020.