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DevOps & Software Delivery Predictions for 2021

By January 22, 2021November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Happy New Year! Did you know? This is the year for continuous delivery. 

Five Predictions for 2021

Here are five developer-focused predictions in the DevOps/software delivery space for 2021.

1. GitOps

I’ve been speaking about GitOps for 3 years and safe to say 2021 will be the GitOps tipping point – which means we’ll see our first job ads with GitOps in the title “GitOps Engineer”, “GitOps Architect”, etc 

Talk to watch: GitOps, Kubernetes, and Secret Management: Don’t Bake in a Tent! – Kara de la Marck

2. DORA Metrics

The 4 key DORA metrics will become ubiquitous and part of our common language for our teams. For example, savvy candidates will use it as a way to evaluate teams they are interviewing with to see how committed they are to a continuous improvement journey.

Talk to watch: Measuring DevOps – Dina Graves Portman

3. Tekton

Use of Tekton as the building blocks for modern cloud native CD systems will skyrocket, fueled by the 1.0 release giving greater industry confidence. Many more cute robokitty logos will emerge. 

Talk to watch: How to Build Cloud-Native CI/CD Pipelines With Tekton on Kubernetes – Nikhil Thomas

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4. Automated Pipelines

CI/CD will have its own ‘Cattle vs Pets’ moment for pipelines. So we start to properly move away from handcrafted pipeline-as-pets and embrace technologies that automate pipeline generation/templating such as Jenkins X, jenkins templating engine, etc.

Talk to watch: Continuous Integration; Tips & Tricks – Paul Dragoonis 

5. Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery tools and techniques continue to ramp up – fueled by devs who are more than happy to be off the critical path for feature releases as ownership shifts to release managers, PMs and customer support teams. 

Talk to watch: Event-based Continuous Delivery: The End of the Monolithic Pipeline – Andreas Grabner 

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Tracy Miranda