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Software Is Now Saving the World (or at least helping)

By December 3, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

A lot has changed since Marc Andreessen published his well-known essay “Why Software Is Eating The World.” Today software is impacting the lives of people far outside the realm of just the tech world on a daily basis. There is software being built that will enable physical distancing and clean air everywhere from factories to Broadway theaters to museums to schools to sports arenas in the wake of COVID-19. There are new insights into how remote work upended the way wealth is managed, real estate is sold, students are taught and government and medical services are delivered – and how software is making that happen. Even the ways that software teams are delivering these capabilities and how they are handling the new pressures of software development during the current crisis at the level of people, processes, and tools have drastically changed.

In her cdCon keynote, Christina Noren outlines how software and technology are being applied in new ways within a different domain or industry to help the world change for the better, especially due to the onset of COVID-19 and its aftermath. After featuring several companies for the Software Agents Podcast, Christina Noren synthesizes and shares the emergent themes and sets out a rallying call for inclusive communities. “If software is going to save the world, we need to welcome all people into the software development community.

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Current Situation
4:03 How Is Software Saving the World?
5:40 Who Did we Talk to?
12:36 Emerging Themes
16:07 Erosion of Old Use Cases
19:28 DevOps Is Key to Responsiveness
22:23 Customer Intimacy Is Key to Changing Circumstances
23:54 All Remote Work Is Different
26:06 Employment Structural Shift
28:18 Thank You /Contact

Speaker: Christina Noren, CloudBees