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51 Community Ambassadors, But Who’s Counting? Congratulations to the cohort of 2020!

By October 27, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Contributed by Jacqueline Salinas, Director of Ecosystems & Community Development

Dear CDF Community,

I am always excited to meet new community members that show interest in becoming community ambassadors for the CDF. At the beginning of 2020, which seems like over 7 years ago, I launched the ambassador program to help recruit open-source champions of CD & DevOps tools. To be quite frank—that’s all I remember. I can’t recall the exact mission or vision that I had in mind for the program at the time. I knew that I needed to create a community that would champion the CD Foundation and our mission to improve the world’s capacity to deliver software with security and speed. I will admit that the journey has been far from easy or perfect, but I can’t believe we have 51 individuals as part of our 2020 cohort. Thank you to all of our ambassadors! I’m truly impressed by all of you. What started as another work project led to me learning some valuable lessons about people, building relationships, and the power of open source community. 

In the last 10 months, I’ve seen all my babies (as I refer to you in secret) come together month over month to support the CDF in various ways. The ambassador program has been meeting monthly since May 2020 and the attendance turn out is still strong month over month. These individuals have created the CDF Twitch program, they write blogs and newsletter articles, speak at our industry events and webinar program, and support us by staffing our booth at third party events. All these contributions help the CDF drive the foundation forward and we couldn’t do it without your contributions. 

I wanted to express my gratitude towards all the OG ambassadors and all our future prospects. During these uncertain times, I’ve always been able to come back to the CDF community and feel safe, happy, and grateful for being part of it. I really hope that each of you feel the same way when you participate. 

Now for the exciting part—I want to officially announce that we have 9 new CDF Community Ambassadors join the 2020 cohort. 

A warm welcome to the following: 

  • Anshul Lalit
  • Alejandro Mercado
  • Carlos Panato
  • Dan Papandrea
  • Glaudia Califano
  • JJ Ashgar
  • Joel Vasallo
  • Mauricio Salatino
  • Nirmalya Sen

We welcome all folks interested in joining. For more details on the program or how to apply, visit the ambassador page. I am also working with some of the current ambassadors to put more structure to our group. The CD Foundation Community Ambassador Program is officially accepting nominations for CDF Community Ambassador Chair. If you are interested in learning how to build a community and would like to help CDF grow its ambassador program reach out to me!

Jacqueline Salinas
Director of Ecosystem & Community Development