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Continuous Integration; Tips & Tricks

By September 3, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Contributed by Paul Dragoonis

Using Continuous Integration already? Whether you’re a beginner or CI kung fu master, you’ll gain value from this session as we cover a broad range of topics.

In this session, I’m going to share with you my pragmatic experiences at building top quality CI pipelines for large organizations such as UK Government, banks, and the private sector.

The talk is a balanced mix of quality content targeted at test engineers, infrastructure/DevOps engineers and developers. My style of talk isn’t trying to sell you “the future” but instead demonstrate pragmatic and practical solutions to problems common CI challenges.

After this session, you’ll walk away with fresh ideas, tools, and lots of real-world experience, for you to take with you into your existing projects and with you on your journey of continuous integration.

See you on October 8 at 11:25 AM PST.
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