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Introducing Our Newest CDF Ambassador – Shlomo Bielak

By May 28, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Staff

Shlomo Bielak here. I am a CTO at a boutique SI in Canada trying to help anyone and everyone understand how to implement Continuous Deployment.

I think we have got down Continuous Delivery and Integration. Not-so-much the auto-deploy to production; that **** is complicated. I enjoy sharing on our webinars or with customers our Star-Trek approach to governance and CI/CD pipeline fitness.

Demo…Demo…Demo = Believe. I am all about sharing the practicing side of DevSecOps within CI/CD. Having invented governance engineering which is the operating model for security within CI/CD we know the complexities of making security fast within a DevOps mode. I share the model, process, milestones, and clear tasks to achieve those milestones, using an inner-source training plan to simplify your CI/CD journey.

I love publishing whitepapers and archetypes/exemplars to the market to better understand CI/CD which is their thought-leadership’s starting point – knowing your goal.I have been the keynote at CDF sponsor companies where they are looking to understand what the enterprise requires to be successful. I make sure my content hits the pain points and some self-deprecating laugh-points.

Today my desk is set for COVID. Tomorrow it is ready for conferences. Happy to be here supporting the CDF. Its business goal is at the core of our practice.