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CD Foundation – Project Updates July 2024

By July 8, 2024Blog, Project

The CD Foundation currently has 8 open source projects: CDEvents, Jenkins, Jenkins X, Ortelius, Screwdriver, Shipwright, Spinnaker, and Tekton. 

Our projects solve some of the biggest issues in the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration space. We are always looking to expand our project communities with additional contributors, end users, and passionate technologists. Please check out each project to see what you can do to get involved!

Here are the Q2 2024 highlights for all of our projects, click on “More” to read what else this project has been up to.

Tekton Logo


  • Tekton Pipelines project released a new long term support (LTS) release v0.59.0. Features include:
    • further refinements to the new reusable steps “StepActions”
    • ongoing implementation of “Artifacts”, which allow step authors to produce input and output provenance
  • Welcomes Chitrang Patel from Google to the Tekton Governing Board!
  • Formally applied to join the CNCF and is waiting for a review on its application.
  • More
Spinnaker Logo


  • 1.34.0 was released including improved support for Kubernetes and ECS, and adding RBAC to Docker accounts.
  • New feature to allow for compressing pipeline exceptions, improving pipeline performance.
  • More
Shipwright Logo


  • Released v0.13.0, incorporate a significant amount of enhancements, bug fixes and features.
  • Seen an increase on contributions, from Pull Request to Issues, mainly on the Build repository and Operator. See devstats example.
  • More
Screwdriver Logo


  • New features for Pipeline Stages, Pipeline Template and more
  • Many bug fixes to improve the UI
  • Security updates
  • More
Ortelius Logo


  • New features, including: new microservices to store raw SBOM in ArangoDB
  • Bug fixes:
    • Changed SBOM license hyperlink lookup to improve speed.
    • Changed npm dependencies for new Svelt frontend to resolve CVE in nested dependencies
    • Pinned nodejs to 21.1.0
    • Moved docker base images from chaingaurd to amazonlinux:2023 to fix CVEs in python microservices
  • More
Jenkins X Logo

Jenkins X

  • 3 new maintainers are being onboarded:
    • Jordan Goasdoué
    • Archie Skeoch
    • Matthew Mentlak
  • More
Jenkins Logo


CDEvents Logo


  • Released its fourth version, which includes support for links between events, new ticket events as well as custom events.
  • New Working Group dedicated to the architecture and development tools required to consume and benefit from CDEvents.
  • Enabled dependabot on the spec and SDK repos to keep all dependencies up to date.
  • More

For more information on the CD Foundation projects and how to contribute, check out the project page.