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CD Foundation โ€“ Project Updates March 2024

By March 26, 2024April 16th, 2024Blog, Project

The CD Foundation currently has 8 open source projects: CDEvents, Jenkins, Jenkins X, Ortelius, Screwdriver, Shipwright, Spinnaker, and Tekton. 

Our projects solve some of the biggest issues in the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration space. We are always looking to expand our project communities with additional contributors, end users, and passionate technologists. Please check out each project to see what you can do to get involved!

Here are the Q1 2024 updates for CDEvents, Jenkins, Shipwright, Spinnaker, and Tekton. For more information on the projects and how to contribute, check out the project page.

Tekton Logo


  • Many new features have been released and are upcoming
  • Updated conformance API
  • Steady contributions
  • New adoptions in 2023
  • Governing Board elections
  • More details
Screwdriver Logo


  • Security: Library and dependencies package updates
  • New features: including Display Pipeline Usage metrics in the Job Template page
  • Bug fixes: including allowing special characters in branch names
  • More details
Spinnaker Logo


  • Modernization and security stance improvement continues
  • CDEvents Triggers released
  • Home Depot contributing, overall contributions slowing.
  • More details
Shipwright Logo


  • Shipwright Beta API released, now included in RedHat OpenShift
  • Modest contribution but increasing
  • Opened a proposal to join CNCF as sandbox
  • More details
Jenkins Logo


  • Increased use in install base
  • Many plugins up for adoption
  • Infra costs down ~20%
  • Many events and awards
  • Refreshed UI and much more
  • More details
CDEvents Logo


  • New contributors
  • Governing Board elections
  • New adoptions and collaborations
  • Feature rich release v0.4 coming soon
  • Many events in 2023
  • More details