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CDEvents Joins the Hacktoberfest Celebration

By September 12, 2023October 2nd, 2023Blog, Project
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Each October, Digital Ocean celebrates open source participation by recognizing those individuals who contribute. During October, you can earn limited-edition swag by contributing changes to open source projects. The CDEvents project is included in this celebration. 

Everyone is invited to participate regardless of their expertise level or knowledge of CDEvents. We encourage first-time contributors to join this important Project incubating at the Continuous Delivery Foundation.  

Get Started

CDEvents is a common specification for Continuous Delivery events, enabling interoperability in the complete software production ecosystem. Here is how to get started as a contributor during Hacktoberfest

  1. Register to participate and learn the rules of Hacktoberfest. 
  2. Read the Primer to learn about CDEvents.
  3. Keep informed – join the mailing list. 
  4. Join the CDEvents Community to become a Contributor.
  5. Read the Contributor Guidelines.
  6. Review the Project on GitHub.
  7. Find the relevant issues through this Hacktoberfest main issue or through this GitHub project.

Where to Find an Issue to Work On

The CDEvents Team has created a “Hacktoberfest” GitHub label so you can easily get credit for your pull requests. Issues with the Hacktoberfest label were created for Hacktoberfest participants, and many are ideal candidates for first-time contributors. See the list above for direct links to those.

You are not required to work only on issues with the Hacktoberfest label. You can choose any issue that works for you. If you choose an issue outside of the Hacktoberfest project, you will need to create your pull request with the field called ‘Label’ using the keyword ‘Hacktoberfest’ so it can be recognized.

Learn More About CDEvents

CDEvents is a critical project for the evolution of the DevOps Pipeline. You can learn more about the CDEvents project by visiting Here are a few suggested links:

Looking Forward to Meeting You

The CDEvents team thanks you in advance for your Hacktoberfest contributions. We look forward to working with you during this year’s Hacktoberfest celebration and hope you will consider being a regular contributor in 2024.