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CDEventsCon 2022 Wrap Up

By May 25, 2022July 24th, 2023Blog, Project

Contributed by Andrea Frittoli

Last week was an exciting one in Valencia, with our inaugural CDEventsCon, co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU. The event was a full-day conference about continuous delivery, interoperability and CDEvents!

CDEvents is a new CDF project by the Events Special Interest Group that provides a vendor-neutral specification for the format of event data. It’s all about interoperability between tools used to produce software, from source to production.

Event Wrap Up

We kicked off the event with Kara, her introduction to CDEvents and call to action for adoption of the specification. Thank you, Kara! 

The event was then blessed with speakers from many different countries and open source communities represented, including Keptn, Ortelius, Argo, Tekton, Jenkins, Spinnaker, Eiffel, Knative, and Crossplane as well as many CDF special interest groups: Interoperability, Software Supply Chain and Events. Shut out to Brad, Shruti, Oleg, Erik, Emil, Vibhav, Mauricio and Ishan for delighting us with their presentations and demos!

Not all the software is cloud-native, and it was great to see Erik presenting interoperability challenges in the software supply chain for autonomous cars, a different kind of container… for humans.

A common theme emerged from all talks: the need for interoperability. The same idea was reinforced by the closing panel with Erik, Melissa, Maria, Fatih and Brad – thank you all!

CDEventsCon was sponsored by the Continuous Delivery Foundation and co-located with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU.

Upcoming Event

Missed CDEventsCon? Join us on June 10 for the CDEvents Community Summit (co-located with cdCon). Attend virtually or join us in Austin, Texas!

Slides and Recordings

Learn more about CDEvents on the project’s official website and GitHub repo.  

Press coverage about CDEvents

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