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CI/CD with Open Source Screwdriver

By September 3, 2020November 1st, 2023Blog, Project

Contributed by Jithin Emmanuel

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Do you run, maintain, or use a CI/CD tool at your organization? If you’re also interested in using code quality analysis tools like SonarQube or want to run secure builds using virtual machines or containers, then you’ll enjoy the “CI/CD with Open Source Screwdriver” talk. In addition to sharing an overview of Screwdriver‘s features and capabilities, we’ll highlight how it’s being used at scale across mobile and web applications, as well as library development. 

At Yahoo/Verizon Media, we use Screwdriver to run more than 60,000 software builds every day. The Screwdriver team works with collaborators across the company, as well as, externally within the community, and heavily utilizes templates for sharing build solutions. We’ll share insights into how the strengths of many different developers can be harnessed into creating standards which can then be codified into templates. Thereby, enabling our development teams and the company to write secure code with automated releases.

Don’t miss the live demo of the following Screwdriver features: remote triggers, parallel jobs, and sharing data between jobs.

Speakers: Jithin Emmanuel & Tiffany Kyi
Date: October 8, 2020 at 3:50 PM PST
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