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Webinar Topic: What Happened To Observability In GitOps?

Date & Time: Dec. 1, 2020 @ 11AM PST (US & Canada)

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Description: With the increase in popularity of GitOps, we are getting more and more tools that are focused on specific aspects of it. As we move towards Git being the only source of truth, and employing different tools to converge the actual state into whatever our desires are, we face observability challenges.

How can we gain insights into the desired and the actual state, and connect those with all the other transient information that led to those states? How can we combine all the information we have into a single source of truth beyond the desired state and the actual state? Can we gain visibility that will guide us towards better insight into the outcomes of GitOps processes and allow us to have all the information we need to make future decisions?

Let’s see whether we can answer those and a few other questions. If we can, we might have a better understanding of where GitOps is and where it is going.

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