Guidelines for Submitting a CDF Case Study

The CDF Case Study program offers the community an opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise in the CI/CD pipeline & ecosystem by creating technical content that documents their challenges, methodology, experience and results. The intent of creating these types of technical solution guides is to drive brand awareness, customer retention, lead generation, website traffic, thought leadership, sales and lead nurture. While the goal of this content marketing strategy is to help the CDF and its members establish thought leadership and grow leads. The primary objective is to help curate content to the CI/CD community that helps address their challenges and empowers them with knowledge and skills to overcome them.

Who Can Contribute

  • Premier Members, Gold Members and General Members
  • End Users
  • Graduated, founding and incubating projects can contribute. These case studies can communicate release launch details or provide a project update.  Sandbox projects cannot contribute a case study. The exception is a CDF member company can discuss their open source sandbox project during their allotted member case study.
  • CDF Ambassadors
  • CDF SIGs Members
  • CDF Member case studies will have “Member Case Study” preceding their case study title.
  • CDF project case studies will have “Project Study” preceding their case study title.
  • CDF Ambassador case studies will have “Ambassador case study” preceding their case study title.
  • CDF SIG case studies will have “SIG case study” preceding their case study title.

 Content Guidelines


  • The simplest guideline is that Case Study topics should be comparable to what would be accepted in a CD Summit talk.
  • No straight product pitches. It is okay to do a comparison of part of the landscape (e.g., storage), but webinars should not be promotional.
  • Any platforms, tools, or technologies you are describing must be open source and work with CDF projects.

 Picking a Topic


  • The purpose of the case study is to educate the community and align your business with important thought-leadership topics.
  • The audience is interested in technical demos that help them solve problems and want a real life experience to understand how companies have overcome those challenges.
  • Our audience spans from developers, architects, CIOs, and CTOs. Topics should be tailored for which of those audiences you’re trying to target.
  • We are emphasizing SEO optimization this year to drive more registrations and views after the fact, so please take some extra time to make sure your abstract is highlighting important keywords. We’ll be making suggestions as well.

Thank you for your contribution. The community looks forward to hearing your journey.